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You are correct. I went to to see exactly what the difference was between Curcuma longa and curcumin. Curcuma longa, which is what Dr. Danielle sells, is the name of the Turmeric root. The website stated: “Natural curcumin accounts for around 2-5% of the rhizome’s content. That means, large amounts of turmeric powder would be required to obtain an effective and substantial dose of curcumin. This is the principal reason why curcumin supplements are manufactured in the first place.”

So the buyers of Dr. Danielle product, think they are getting 95% Curcumin that is obtain in most Turmeric Supplements but with Dr. Danielle product only has 2% of curcumin.

Mary E. Clarke

Product or Service Mentioned: Doctor Danielle Organic Curcumin With Bioperine Supplement.

Reason of review: Not as described.

Monetary Loss: $30.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Doctor Danielle - Dr. Danielle Turmeric - PLEASE READ BEFORE BUYING!!!

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First of all, the owner of this company has ties to one Sam Keeler, the owner of Ubervita. If you never heard of Ubervita, please Google "Ubervita Imgur" or just check out the reviews of Ubervita on Pissed Consumer - the comments section says it all. All Ubervita products have recently been banned by Amazon, thankfully.

Secondly, according to this product's label it contains no Turmeric/Curcumin EXTRACT but only "Organic Turmeric". This is a HUGE difference. FYI, you can buy USDA Certified Organic Turmeric powder for under $10 per pound online. This is the same Turmeric you can get at the spice rack at your local grocery store, but Dr. Danielle seems to justify charging about $25 to put it into capsules. Dr. Danielle's turmeric is also not certified organic by the USDA. Don't be fooled!! Every other turmeric supplement that I've come across is in the form of an extract. In fact, there is absolutely no reason to be taking a turmeric supplement that is not an extract - this is the entire purpose of taking a pill rather than sprinkling some of the aforementioned turmeric spice on your dinner. All the studies concerning the medicinal properties of turmeric that I've seen were conducted using a standardized extract. The fact that this product is labeled as "curcumin" is, in my opinion, highly deceptive because this implies it indeed is an extract. Look at it this way, ground turmeric contains only 2% curcumin whereas most quality turmeric supplements will be standardized to 95% curcuminoids! What Dr. Danielle is doing is the equivalent of selling turkey legs and advertising it as a "Tryptophan" supplement since we all know turkeys contain that compound.

Now you may be wondering, well how is this product the best-selling curcumin supplement on Amazon with over 5000 glowing 5-star reviews? Well, to shed light on that matter do yourselves a favor and read this product's one-star reviews on Amazon if you haven't already looked into Ubervita. Dr. Danielle, like Ubervita, allegedly offered its customers a free product in exchange for writing a review on Amazon. Naturally, someone looking to get a free product will tend to review it favorably.

Do yourselves a favor and avoid this and all Dr. Danielle products. In my opinion, the people running these companies are highly unethical and cannot be trusted. Stick to a reliable brand of turmeric as there are a lot of them out there. Check out New Chapter, Gaia, Life Extensions, Jarrow - all reputable companies with products sold at just about every majot supplement retailer.

As a generally rule, I suggest everyone cross reference supplements sold on Amazon with other reputable supplement sellers like iHerb, Vitamin Shoppe, Swanson's, etc... If a product has stellar reviews on Amazon and is nowhere to be found outside of Amazon, it's probably too good to be true. Think about it - if a product is wildly popular and of top quality, other retailers would want to jump all over it. That being said, ask yourselves why Dr. Danielle has virtually no meaningful presence outside of Amazon, in striking contrast to the other supplement manufactures alluded to above. If you find a supplement on Amazon that is not on iHerb, Vitamin Shoppe, GNC, Swanson's or Vitacost, this should be a huge red flag and a good reason to avoid that product in my opinion. The problem is that there are too many wanna-be supplement companies on Amazon that are more interested in making money than in their consumer's well being. Companies like New Chapter, Gaia, Life Extensions and Jarrow have a strong industry presence and reputation, and actually do scientific research on their product. These are the types of companies you want to seek out, not the likes of Dr. Danielle or Eden Pond, another company owner by Sam Keeler.

Finally, I think a lot of the blame here should be put on Amazon itself. Amazon needs to step up and do a better job of protecting its customers from fraud and unethical business practices, especially review fraud. It took almost two years of complaints from customers and others for Amazon to finally ban Ubervita products. Yet Amazon allows Dr. Danielle, Eden Pond, and presumable other such companies to sell on its website with impunity. As mentioned before, Dr. Danielle is currently the #1 best selling curcumin supplement on Amazon, despite the allegations of reviewer fraud. Amazon needs to take action and start putting the well-being of its customers before profit. Until it does so, I refuse to buy any supplements from Amazon out of principle. Even if principle wasn't an issue, I would not feel safe buying supplements from third-party sellers on Amazon.

***The entire contents of this review constitute nothing more than my OPINION. I encourage everyone to do his/her own research into everything written herein and not take it for granted. Do your due diligence before buying any supplement and remember to always read the one-star reviews on Amazon and cross check a product with other retailers before buying. After all, it's your health!***

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Take this product off the market.

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In my opinion, Vimerson is also a sketchy brand that I can’t find anywhere other than Amazon. There are way too many sketchy supplement companies on Amazon.

There appears to be no regulation and anyone can get into the business of selling supplements. People can literally be assembling these capsules in their basement or hiring some sketchy manufacturer to make them with cheap ingredients, and Amazon would happily sell it. This is why it’s important to research the company you’re buying from and avoid these questionable upstart operations that focus almost entirely on marketing. There is no way a small company that only sells on Amazon can make supplements better than larger, reputable manufufacters that actually have labs in which they do research and testing.

Making a good supplement is expensive and if the company doesn’t have its own R&D and scientists, how can it develop a quality product? All I can think of is that they go to manufacturers that already make generic supplements, order from them and slap their own label on the bottle. From there it’s all marketing. I’m not targeting any specific company here, but speaking generally.

Do your research people. Don’t gamble with your health!


very helpful. thank you


Thank you so much.


Video about Dr. Danielle's products, Edon Pond--News coverage of what they found in the products.


Dr. Danielle, does exist.

She actually got her undergraduate degree from the University of Washington in chemistry and biology. She is a graduate of John Bastyr University and is a naturopathic doctor by "degree" but she has never worked a day in her life as a doctor. She married Sam Keeler, and they both live in Lake Chelan, Washington. Sam Keeler has no educational background in medicine.

Her husband, Sam Keeler, use to work for Amazon and he learned how to write his own reviews and hired people to write false reviews to help sell his products by offering them extra products, etc. Sam Keeler, on his first/original bottles which he sold, used his mother's rental home address as his "lab" address. He paid people to go to various libraries and set up false gmail accounts and paid them to false write reviews through the various other companies he set up.

Amazon doesn't care one long as they get money through their revenues...who cares.

If John Bastyr University knew that she was selling her "own products" and they actually had her products tested...My opinion is that they would remove her doctorate degree. Buyer beware.


Dr Danielle doesn't even exist. She is a fake doctor from a photo stock library, the whole thing is a sham!

Decatur, Georgia, United States #1212229

I swore by Dr. Danielle's Turmeric.

I took it for months with great results. Then the quality of the product went downhill...drastically.

So I'm taking the Vimerson version now. Hopefully I will see much better results.

Memphis, Tennessee, United States #1197100



Thank you -- you answered my exact question! I first bought Vimerson Health's, Turmeris Curcumin w/BioPerine, and noticed it had 95% Curcuminoids (100mg)/2 veggie capsules.

Then I bought "Doctor" Danielle's (that I am presently taking…) and noticed the label just says Organic Turmeric (500mg), Black Pepper (5mg), per 1 capsule and NO Curcuminoids!

I saved the box, and intended to email or call her, then I saw your site when I googled "Dr." Danielle.

Thank you so much! I knew something seemed off/fishy!

Thanks for your thoughtful research! And shame on Amazon!!


Thank you for this very helpful review! It had confirmed my suspicions.


Thank you so much. Just cancelled my Dr Danielle order with Amazon and ordered Gaia Turmeric. I know this is a good company.


Thank you thank you for sharing this!! I am so tired of getting screwed by Amazon and their suppliers as well as greedy lying companies to begin with! I unfortunataly did buy lots of this but will stop -Thank you again!


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I was wondering if I may consult with you and the research you found offline. I am currently in litigation with the owners of this LLC, and all of its affiliates and conglomerates.


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In which venue did you bring suit and what's the index number? Is there any way we can access a copy of the complaint?

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